Empowering Behavior Change

Direct Intervention

Services are provided for caregivers / professionals and children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, ADD, and typical development with challenging behaviors.

Our Training Series is an intensive six week training course that includes group sessions as well as in-home follow- up. All caregivers are encouraged to join. This is a great way to build your network of support and gain the hands on training needed for your Family Behavior Change. 

Daily Practice LLC provides a variety of services that are grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and integrate family goals and resources. Our programs target family participation and daily routines from the onset.  Data driven programs and creative thinking helps the team gain new skills through Daily Practice.

Training Series

Family Services

Daily Practice LLC

Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of your child and family. Programs start with an initial assessment that helps determine long- and short-term goals for your child. Programming is implemented in the natural environment as appropriate (home, grocery store, bowling alley, park, etc.).  Goals are routinely reviewed and adapted based on progress and team collaboration.

Our workshops are short and sweet. We offer FREE monthly workshops to the public. Check our Facebook events for details. Our goal is to support community participation and build knowledge of proven behavior change techniques. Topics vary based on needs and interests.

"Perseverance paves the way."

- Parent