"My experience with Kim has been life changing."

- A.D. Parent

"Kimberly is an incredible professional in the field of ABA and is an expert on working with families and professionals.  As a previous supervise of Kim's, I can personally attest to her exceptional knowledge of ABA and ability to work with and train others.  Kim was a highly regarded department director in my organization years ago during which I was constantly in awe of her ABA skills, her supervision and interactions with staff, and her exemplary support and training with parents.  Any family would be lucky to have her on their team.  I strongly recommend Kim's services." 


Daily Practice LLC


Empowering Behavior Change

​ “Kim is an indispensable part of our family. She has taught us how to understand our son, which has allowed us a relationship with our son we never thought possible. In short, Kim has saved our family and taught us to be better people not just better parents/siblings. We love her and will be forever indebted. There are no words to describe our gratitude.”  
E.P. and D.P. Parent
Dr. Peri Vella, PsyD, BCBA

“When my son was diagnosed with Autism I was grateful to have Kim assigned to me as our family’s consultant during his early elementary years. Her level of knowledge and experience helped guide me through my journey with my son and I felt like she really understood his needs. She played an instrumental part in his progress and we felt grateful to have had her on our team! After all these years she has still kept in touch with our family in Florida. That speaks volumes in my book! She was more than a consultant to us, she was a friend.” 
"As a single working mother, I was exhausted. Then I met Kim. Kim understood my son's specific needs and was consistent and professional with his appointments. Kim was fearless about challenging my son to achieve new levels, and sometimes these sessions were emotionally and physically exhausting. No matter how hard these sessions were, she left me with optimism and a smile at the end of each session. When I first met Kim, my son and I could not go out in public.  We just had to stay home, his behavior was so difficult. Kim taught me how to learn to interact with my son better to achieve appropriate behavior from him.  I now can go to a restaurant without the dishes and food flying! Kim has taught me so much about helping my son through non preferred activities and about him "doing good listening". My world has changed from hopeless to hopeful and I believe we are at the point where we can go out and people no longer whisper in recognition of my sons special needs.  I am grateful to "Miss Kim", because I believe that my son will go on to live a really happy life due to her help for both me and my son. My experience with Kim has been "life changing". 

A.D. Parent

A great big Thank You to all of those families and professionals we have had the pleasure to work beside. We recognize that we are all teachers AND students. Thank you for your time, energy, and daily practice.

N.T. Parent